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2023-02-13 09:00   株式会社ヒューマンインタラクティブテクノロジー様 Quick WATCH事例    #LAC WATCH #威胁情报 ラックの専門家による「AIを採用したバランスの良い支援」で高水準のシステムを開発 システムやインフラ構築サービスを通して顧客の課題解決を支援してきたヒューマンインタラクティブテクノロジー(HIT)社は、以前からセキュアなシステム開発に取り組んできた。しかし、世間のセキュリティ意識が高まるにつれ、自社内での取り組みだけでなく、客観的な評価を求める声が寄せられるようになった。そこで同社が選択したのが、AIを活用するSaaS型Webアプリケーション脆弱性診断ツール「AeyeScan」を活用した、ラックのセキュリティ診断サービス「Quick WATCH」だった。 今回、HIT社によるQuick

2023-02-13 08:00   In Before The Lock: ESXi    #recordedfuture #威胁情报 Editors Note: This is an excerpt of a full report. To read the entire analysis with endnotes, click here to download the report as a PDF.Executive SummaryAs organizations continue virtualizing their critical infrastructure and business systems, threat actors deploying ransomware have responded in ki

2023-02-12 14:46   Article of the Day: Surviving Ransomware    #medium@hybridanalyst #威胁情报 A Guide to Surviving a Ransomware Attack — Oliver Tavakoli, ThreatPost, 6/30/2022Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2023-02-11 02:55   Talos Takes 128: Year in Review - Ransomeware and Commodity Loaders Edition    #Talos #威胁情报 We're back with the final year in review focused episode. This time the focus is on the ever broadening ransomware landscape and the commodity malware loaders that often support it.

2023-02-10 23:00   Key findings from the latest ESET Threat Report – Week in security with Tony Anscombe    #welivesecurity(ESET) #威胁情报 What is behind the drop in ransomware and what should still be done for containing the ransomware scourge?The post Key findings from the latest ESET Threat Report – Week in security with Tony Anscombe appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

2023-02-10 11:29   2022 in Cybersecurity    #checkpoint #威胁情报 The post 2022 in Cybersecurity appeared first on Check Point Research.

2023-02-10 03:00   Threat Source newsletter (Feb. 9, 2023): Don't let criminals exploit your empathy    #Talos #威胁情报 Our hearts are with the people of Turkey and Syria and all those impacted by the tragic earthquake. The Cisco Foundation has launched a matching campaign to support local disaster relief organizations.

2023-02-10 01:50   Security Code Review With ChatGPT    #NCC Group Research #威胁情报 TL;DR: Don’t use ChatGPT for security code review. It’s not meant to be used that way, it doesn’t really work (although you might be fooled into thinking it does), and there are some other major problems that make it impractical. Also, both the CEO of OpenAI and ChatGPT itself say

2023-02-10 00:00   GooberBot—Scar租赁僵尸网络新成员样本演进分析    #奇安信威胁情报中心 #威胁情报 2023年1月初,奇安信威胁情报中心威胁监控系统监测到一起未知家族恶意样本利用CVE-2022-30525漏洞传播的事件。经过分析,该家族样本还处于测试阶段,近期进行了多次更新迭代。除该漏洞外该家族样本还通过CVE-2021-22205、CVE-2021-35394进行传播。该家族归属 Scar 租赁僵尸网络,Scar 租赁网络价格低廉,最低仅15$就可以获取长达一个月的DDoS攻击权限。该新型僵尸网络家族初始样本于2022年8月份开始传播,按照初始样本的落地名称我们将本次发现的家族命名为GooberBot。

2023-02-10 00:00   GooberBot: New Member of Scar Rental Botnet    #奇安信威胁情报中心 #威胁情报 In early January 2023, the Threat Monitoring System of QiAnXin Threat Intelligence Center found that an unknown kind of malware propagated by exploiting CVE-2022-30525 vulnerability. The malware is still in development and updates several times recently. It was also distributed through CVE-2021-2220

2023-02-09 21:09   Beyond the basics: Implementing an active defense    #Talos #威胁情报 An active defense posture, where the defenders actively use threat intelligence and their own telemetry to uncover potential compromises, is the next stage in the cyber security maturity road. Instead of waiting for detections to trigger, defenders can take initiative and hunt threat actors.

2023-02-09 18:30   Alexa, who else is listening?    #welivesecurity(ESET) #威胁情报 Your smart speaker is designed to listen, but could it be eavesdropping too?The post Alexa, who else is listening? appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

2023-02-09 17:45   Transforming Threat Data into Actionable Intelligence    #anomali #威胁情报 IntroductionIn today's digital age, the threat of cyber-attacks is greater than ever. Traditional security operations, which have focused on reactive measures such as patching vulnerabilities and responding to breaches, are no longer sufficient to meet the challenges of the modern threat landscape.

2023-02-09 17:01   NewsPenguin, a Previously Unknown Threat Actor, Targets Pakistan with Advanced Espionage Tool    #blackberry #威胁情报 A previously unknown threat actor is targeting organizations in Pakistan using a complex payload delivery mechanism. The attacker abuses the upcoming Pakistan International Maritime Expo & Conference (PIMEC-2023) as a lure to trick victims into opening phishing emails.

2023-02-09 14:00   自治体と進めるDXの実証実験「デジタルツールで発達に課題のある子どもの支援の現場をつなぐ」レポート【後半】    #LAC WATCH #威胁情报 新規事業開発部、地域創生事業室でデザイナーをしている今田三貴子です。 昨年10月、発達に課題のある子どもにとっての最適な支援ツールを開発する、大阪府豊中市とのプロジェクトについてお伝えしました。 関連記事 自治体と進めるDXの実証実験「デジタルツールで発達に障がいのある子どもの支援の現場をつなぐ」レポート【前半】 今回はプロトタイプを実装してヒアリングに赴き、このサービスが必要とされるものになるかどうかをまとめた、後半のレポートです。 目次 豊中市ならではのニーズが見えたヒアリング 「使ってもらえるUI」に辿り着かない い