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2022-05-26 01:26   Security Improvements for Our Ecommerce Customers    #tenable #安全文章 We were recently informed of a design flaw in our third-party ecommerce fulfillment system, cleverbridge, that could have potentially allowed customers to accidentally disclose their purchasing information (i.e., last 4 digits of credit card used, credit card expiration date, business contact inform

2022-05-24 01:40   How To Make Your SOC Identity-Aware and Efficient    #tenable #安全文章 While an attacker only needs to be right once, security teams must be right every time. That's why SOC teams must stop ransomware attackers from exploiting AD weaknesses.Operating in shifts around the clock, Security Operations Center teams strive to prevent, detect and respond to cybersecurity thre

2022-05-23 23:42   A Practical Approach for Shifting Left    #tenable #安全文章 A practical approach to understanding shift left security and how shifting security left can help teams achieve DevSecOps success. As a critical part of DevSecOps, shifting left has become a key aspect of the modern software development process. Traditionally, security was applied at the end of the

2022-05-20 04:01   How State and Local Governments Can Bolster their Cyber Defenses    #tenable #安全文章 Cyber security leaders of U.S. cities and states must protect their systems and data from nation-state attackers, including Russian hackers.President Biden has warned of potential Russian cyberattacks against the U.S. as part of Russia’s ongoing conflict with Ukraine. In addition to alerting U.S. co

2022-05-19 22:47   The State of OT Security, a Year Since Colonial Pipeline    #tenable #安全文章 During a recent podcast, Tenable's VP of Operational Technology Marty Edwards discussed the cyber threats faced by critical infrastructure providers and the importance of OT security, topics he'll address again next week during a LinkedIn Live with CNN. The recent cyberattacks against critical infra

2022-05-19 05:29   CVE-2022-22972: VMware Patches Additional Workspace ONE Access Vulnerabilities (VMSA-2022-0014)    #tenable #安全文章 Organizations and government agencies are strongly advised to patch two newly disclosed vulnerabilities in VMware products, following warnings from VMware and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.BackgroundOn May 18, VMware published an advisory (VMSA-2022-0014) to address two vulner

2022-05-17 21:00   Mind the (Communication) Gap: How Security Leaders Can Become Dev and Ops Whisperers    #tenable #安全文章 Developers, Ops and DevOps teams must incorporate security into their processes – often a hard sell. Here’s how security leaders can successfully align with them to weave security into their tools and workflows.Establishing security controls across the enterprise used to be the exclusive realm of se

2022-05-17 20:58   Terrascan Joins the Nessus Community, Enabling Nessus To Validate Modern Cloud Infrastructures    #tenable #安全文章 The addition of Terrascan to the Nessus family of products helps users better secure cloud native infrastructure by identifying misconfigurations, security weaknesses, and policy violations by scanning Infrastructure as Code repositories. Twenty-three years ago when Nessus was created by Renaud Dera

2022-05-16 21:00 Achieves StateRamp Authorization as Part of Our Commitment to Protect State and Local Governments    #tenable #安全文章 StateRamp-authorized cloud solutions like meet stringent security and compliance standards.Increasingly targeted by cyber criminals, state and local governments (SLGs) need highly-secure cloud solutions. StateRAMP authorization, which involves a rigorous security and compliance evaluation

2022-05-13 21:00   Locate Tenable Compliance Templates Faster with Revamped Portal    #tenable #安全文章 Following a portal relaunch, Tenable’s Audit Files are now easier to find and manage, thanks to a new search engine that supports a variety of search query criteria.Complying with in-house IT policies, industry mandates, vendor configuration recommendations and government regulations is critical for

2022-05-12 21:10   3 Ways Security Leaders Can Work With DevOps to Build a Culture of Security    #tenable #安全文章 Learn how your organization can boost security efforts by eliminating the disconnect between Security and DevOps teams.Establishing a strong security culture that bridges the gap between DevOps and security is one of the greatest challenges that CISOs and other security leaders face.Because apps and

2022-05-12 20:59   Announcing the 2022 Tenable Assure Partner Award Winners    #tenable #安全文章 Celebrating the elite defenders who are helping organizations around the world reduce their cyber risk.Cybersecurity is always a team effort. Day in, day out, defenders rely on an ecosystem of teams, partners and vendors to address the evolving threat landscape and deliver holistic security.As part

2022-05-11 01:50   Microsoft’s May 2022 Patch Tuesday Addresses 73 CVEs (CVE-2022-26925)    #tenable #安全文章 Microsoft addresses 73 CVEs in its May 2022 Patch Tuesday release, including two zero-day vulnerabilities, one of which was exploited in the wild.6Critical66Important0Moderate1LowMicrosoft patched 73 CVEs in its May 2022 Patch Tuesday release, with six rated as critical, 66 rated as important and on

2022-05-10 21:03   The Era of Responsible Cybersecurity Finally Arrives    #tenable #安全文章 The SEC’s proposed rule on cybersecurity promotes transparency and encourages free market forces.The days of cyber negligence are numbered. While nobody can expect perfect cybersecurity, a vast supermajority of the painful breaches we learn about are the result of known vulnerabilities, lackadaisica

2022-05-06 01:40   CVE-2022-1388: Authentication Bypass in F5 BIG-IP    #tenable #安全文章 CVE-2022-1388: Authentication Bypass in F5 BIG-IPF5 patched an authentication bypass in its BIG-IP product family that could lead to arbitrary command execution.BackgroundAs part of its Quarterly Security Notification for May 2022, F5 patched CVE-2022-1388, a critical authentication bypass vulnerabi