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2023-02-13 15:43   How I Hacked A Company (My First Red Team Engagement ?)    #reddit@redteamsec #安全文章   submitted by   /u/glum-platimium [link]   [留言]

2023-02-13 15:03   How your messenger used for internal communication (Teams or S4B) might compromise your company    #reddit@redteamsec #安全文章 A conglomeration about techniques for S4B and Teams and risks. Nothing really innovative, but as this works so often in the real world just wanted to rise the awareness for this.   submitted by   /u/PfiatDe [link]   [留言]

2023-02-12 23:26   Robust Security Network and Extended Authentication Protocol in Detail    #reddit@redteamsec #安全文章   submitted by   /u/tbhaxor [link]   [留言]

2023-02-11 22:30   {Series] Offensive Wi-Fi Security    #reddit@redteamsec #安全文章   submitted by   /u/tbhaxor [link]   [留言]

2023-02-10 05:49   Certified Red Team Professional (CRTP) discontinued    #reddit@redteamsec #安全文章 Hello, I recently passed OSCP (go me, right?) and was disappointed to learn that the CRTP materials were no longer offered by Pentester Academy. This was the next item on my to-do list that is no longer an option. Does anyone have any information as to why it has been shut down? In addition, because

2023-02-10 03:39   Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR Bypass (Updated for 2023)    #reddit@redteamsec #安全文章 In this week's red team tip, I show how to bypass Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR. Much of this was inspired by what mrd0x released last year. Some major changes in XDR have made many methods not opsec safe. They also added obfuscation to some of the values.   submit

2023-02-09 22:58   Neo4jection: Secrets, Data, and Cloud Exploits - Attacking Neo4j    #reddit@redteamsec #安全文章   submitted by   /u/lowlandsmarch [link]   [留言]

2023-02-07 19:00   Let’s Go (VS) Code - Red Team style    #reddit@redteamsec #安全文章 VSCode has a protable binary, which also allows a reverse shell and some other nice features (File Explorer, Debugging, Local Port Forwarding). Authentication is via Github and hosting iscomplete on MS domains. PS: I am the author, so if there a

2023-02-07 18:57   Spoofing MS Office comments    #reddit@redteamsec #安全文章 MS Office does not verify comments, as they are stored in the file. Allows spoofing of author and or comments, even crosstenant for AAD.   submitted by   /u/PfiatDe [link]   [留言]

2023-02-07 18:38   Best way to set up for assumed breach?    #reddit@redteamsec #安全文章 I have OSCP training and web app pentesting experience but I'm new to the red team/purple team type stuff. How do you folks normally set up for assumed breach scenarios? Say you have a client that wants to do an assumed breach purple team assessment of their on-prem domain and you have a cobalt stri

2023-02-07 06:14   Diving Deeper Into Pre-created Computer Accounts    #reddit@redteamsec #安全文章   submitted by   /u/dmchell [link]   [留言]

2023-02-05 16:34   ? Docker Full Privilege Escalation (CVE-2022-25365): "Breaking Docker Named Pipes SYSTEMatically" ?    #reddit@redteamsec #安全文章   submitted by   /u/kubiscan [link]   [留言]

2023-02-05 16:21   ? PipeViewer: A new tool for viewing Windows Named Pipes and searching for insecure permissions. ?    #reddit@redteamsec #安全文章   submitted by   /u/kubiscan [link]   [留言]

2023-02-04 05:12   Update to the REF2924 intrusion set and related campaigns    #reddit@redteamsec #安全文章   submitted by   /u/dmchell [link]   [留言]

2023-02-02 21:34   Enumerating AD in an OPSEC safe way    #reddit@redteamsec #安全文章 In this week's red team tip. I show a way to enumerate AD in an OPSEC-safe way with Layer8Security's SilentHound. This tool uses a single LDAP query to list AD and caches the results locally. It's not nearly as loud or as well fingerprinted as SharpHound/AzureHound. Plus, you can convert the local c