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2023-02-13 16:00   /r/ReverseEngineering's Weekly Questions Thread    #reddit@ReverseEngineering #安全文章 To reduce the amount of noise from questions, we have disabled self-posts in favor of a unified questions thread every other week. Feel free to ask any question about reverse engineering here. If your question is about how to use a specific tool, or is specific to some particular target, you will ha

2023-02-12 04:55   ESXiArgs Ransomware Analysis with @fwosar (OALABS)    #reddit@ReverseEngineering #安全文章   submitted by   /u/herrcore [link]   [留言]

2023-02-12 04:01   Silicon reverse-engineering: the Intel 8086 processor's flag circuitry    #reddit@ReverseEngineering #安全文章   submitted by   /u/speckz [link]   [留言]

2023-02-11 11:56   Reverse engineering an e-ink display    #reddit@ReverseEngineering #安全文章   submitted by   /u/tnavda [link]   [留言]

2023-02-11 11:25   mast1c0re: Part 2 - Arbitrary PS2 code execution    #reddit@ReverseEngineering #安全文章   submitted by   /u/tnavda [link]   [留言]

2023-02-10 22:41   Reversing mobile threats in 2022    #reddit@ReverseEngineering #安全文章   submitted by   /u/EspoJ [link]   [留言]

2023-02-10 04:05   A guest in another process - a story of a remote thread crash    #reddit@ReverseEngineering #安全文章   submitted by   /u/m417z [link]   [留言]

2023-02-09 23:41   Ghidra 10.2.3 released    #reddit@ReverseEngineering #安全文章   submitted by   /u/5349 [link]   [留言]

2023-02-08 17:59   Dota 2 Under Attack: How a V8 Bug Was Exploited in the Game    #reddit@ReverseEngineering #安全文章   submitted by   /u/stashing_the_smack [link]   [留言]

2023-02-07 22:58   A Detailed Analysis of a New Stealer called Stealerium    #reddit@ReverseEngineering #安全文章   submitted by   /u/CyberMasterV [link]   [留言]

2023-02-07 20:41   Unofficial Link to the Past PC port is a reverse-engineered gem    #reddit@ReverseEngineering #安全文章   submitted by   /u/r_retrohacking_mod2 [link]   [留言]

2023-02-06 22:59   Solving a VM-based CTF challenge without solving it properly - gynvael.coldwind//vx.log    #reddit@ReverseEngineering #安全文章   submitted by   /u/ddddavidee [link]   [留言]