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2023-02-11 18:55   What prevents an app on a rooted phone to spoof the network and HSM behaviour of a real app?    #reddit@MobileSecurity #安全文章 I have a payment app, and I am wondering how such apps (and their banks or payment processors) prevent double spending? If the app on the phone is spoofed by an evil app, how can the bank detect it?   submitted by   /u/cone10 [link]   [留言]

2023-01-25 14:14   Google Play System Updates    #reddit@MobileSecurity #安全文章 Google Play System Updates I own two Samsung devices: An old Galaxy A Tab 10.1 (2019) and a relatively new Galaxy A52s 5G (2021). The first has Android patch level July 2022 and the second January 2023. IMHO "biannual updates" means not really supported anymore. As we know, recent discover

2023-01-09 23:19   Cant rebuild app with apktool after injecting meterpreter payload.    #reddit@MobileSecurity #安全文章 Hei Sec People, I am new to mobile testing. i have been working on project i picked from internet successful built it and works fine using android studio. For testing it am trying to inject code in it but unfortunately am failing when am rebuilding orginal apk using apk tool. Below is the error am r

2022-12-25 03:54   Sent a gif out of nowhere?!    #reddit@MobileSecurity #安全文章 So I was in the street when my phone suddenly said, something like 'wikkie.gif' No sender details. Just download or reject. Completely minimal information. This has never happened before! Nor do I understand where it come from. I'm just targeted from past experiences. I'm hoping its a trigger respon

2022-12-19 08:50   Wiping of personal phone?    #reddit@MobileSecurity #安全文章 My company policy states that mobile devices connected to the corporate network can be "wiped." My questions: Does this only apply to corporate mobile devices (supplied by the company), or does it also apply to personal devices? My company does allow the use of personal devices for work a

2022-11-06 18:03   Why it is told that iOS give much more protection that Android?    #reddit@MobileSecurity #安全文章 I have heard for so long that iOS is more secure and provide better privacy than android. Is this true or just a gimmick? If it is true why it is so?   submitted by   /u/Fancy_Ad_9361 [link]   [留言]

2022-10-17 09:06   Best settings & apps for new Pixel 7 Pro    #reddit@MobileSecurity #安全文章 Just about to crack open the new Google Pixel 7 Pro and am wondering what the best settings and apps are to help safeguard my privacy while still getting the best out of the phone and its features. Any advice, comments, suggestions & recommendations are appreciated!   submitted by   /u

2022-09-03 07:35   antistalkerware    #reddit@MobileSecurity #安全文章 Is There any reliable apps to get rid of stalkerware on your phone?   submitted by   /u/DifferentDimDragon [link]   [留言]

2022-07-28 18:53   What Are the Top Mobile Security Trends For 2022?    #reddit@MobileSecurity #安全文章   submitted by   /u/SYCPhone [link]   [留言]

2022-07-26 16:46   Ultra-Secure Smartphones. Can't Be Hacked    #reddit@MobileSecurity #安全文章 Make your data secured and private with unhackable, untraceable and Ultra-Secure encrypted phone cell phones & smartphones. Nowadays, when we purchase smartphones, we are focusing primarily on the build quality or the number of cameras it comes with or the design, whereas cybersecurity experts s

2022-07-22 17:44   SYC Phone launched its first Secured Encrypted Dual Personal Mobile    #reddit@MobileSecurity #安全文章   submitted by   /u/SYCPhone [link]   [留言]

2022-07-13 17:20   Extend enhanced security on your enterprise mobile devices    #reddit@MobileSecurity #安全文章   submitted by   /u/nancybatespro [link]   [留言]

2022-07-13 16:39   Is mobile security a priority for your small business?    #reddit@MobileSecurity #安全文章 Cyberattacks can be devastating for small businesses. According to a Verizon mobile security study, 52 percent of small businesses believe they are at greater risk than larger companies. Although the odds are against small-business leaders, many know this. To take advantage of mobile technology, bus

2022-07-11 14:44   Mobile security threats and how to defend yourself    #reddit@MobileSecurity #安全文章 There are many ways that mobile devices can be hacked, including malicious software, network-level attacks and exploiting flaws in the OS. Mobile devices are increasingly becoming a priority for cybercriminals. These devices are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals. Check Point Harmony Mobi

2022-07-07 06:38   Should I be worried?    #reddit@MobileSecurity #安全文章   submitted by   /u/haqk [link]   [留言]