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2023-01-27 01:02   5 Tips to Protect Your Data Privacy with Uber    #medium@ubersecurity #安全文章 By Jessie Yang, Product Manager, UberHappy Data Privacy Week! We believe that everyone should understand how apps like Uber collect and use their personal data. But we also know it’s not easy to keep track of your preferences across your favorite apps.So in honor of Data Privacy Week, here are 5 tip

2022-05-13 22:46   Announcing Pay At Triage for Bug Bounty    #medium@ubersecurity #安全文章 By John Turner, Staff Security Technologist & Vinay Venkateswara Rao, Senior Security TechnologistFor Uber, cybersecurity isn’t just talk, it’s also taking action to pursue our mission of being a trusted resource for users in every market where we operate. One way Uber does this is through our B

2022-01-19 02:53   It’s Data Privacy Week: Introducing Uber’s new Privacy Center and more    #medium@ubersecurity #安全文章 By Zach Singleton, Group Product Manager, Privacy & Anurag Naidu, Engineering Manager, PrivacyData Privacy Week is an important time of the year, and for the last few years, we’ve participated with others in the industry to raise awareness among our users about the choices they have to manage th

2021-06-05 01:53   Hacker Spotlight: hunt4p1zza & pmnh    #medium@ubersecurity #安全文章 Continuing our spotlight series, featuring two of our bug bounty winners from our April promo event.

2021-05-29 01:43   Bug Bounty Update: Introducing our Most Valuable Hackers!    #medium@ubersecurity #安全文章 Sharing updates from our promo event and spotlighting our top hackers.Divyashree Joshi, Senior Secur

2021-05-11 00:52   Business-friendly vulnerability management metrics    #medium@ubersecurity #安全文章 Serge Pastukhov & Martin Georgiev, Security EngineeringAbstractUnderstanding the health of the v

2021-03-26 00:03   Announcing Uber’s Bug Bounty April Promo Event    #medium@ubersecurity #安全文章 Divyashree Joshi, Senior Security Engineer, Product SecurityHello Hackers!We know it’s been a while

2021-01-26 01:09   Celebrating Data Privacy Every Day    #medium@ubersecurity #安全文章 Ruby Zefo, Chief Privacy Officer, UberWhen January 28 arrives every year, Uber has joined many other

2020-10-27 23:30   Introducing 2 new privacy features for riders and drivers    #medium@ubersecurity #安全文章 Zach Singleton, Senior Product Manager, Privacy EngineeringToday, we’re introducing two more privacy

2020-06-16 02:01   Part 2: AWS Monitoring Case Studies    #medium@ubersecurity #安全文章 Ashish Kurmi, Kaibo Ma, and Ankit Kumar, Security EngineeringEditor’s note: This is Part 2 in a seri

2020-06-16 02:01   Part 1: AWS Continuous Monitoring    #medium@ubersecurity #安全文章 Ashish Kurmi, Kaibo Ma, and Ankit Kumar, Security EngineeringEditor’s note: Part 2 of this series, i

2020-03-25 10:31   Standing Up for Rider Privacy in Los Angeles    #medium@ubersecurity #安全文章 Ruby Zefo, Chief Privacy Officer, UberToday, Uber filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Department

2019-10-11 03:05   Trust & Security at Uber: My First Year    #medium@ubersecurity #安全文章 Matt Olsen, Chief Trust & Security OfficerOctober is Security Awareness Month and I’m lucky to a