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2022-06-24 04:35   Article of the Day: the possible sanctioning of China’s Hikvision    #[email protected] #威胁情报 The world’s biggest surveillance company you’ve never heard of — Zeyi Yang, MIT Technology Review, 6/22/2022Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2022-06-23 01:32   Reading Dostoyevsky Short Stories    #[email protected] #威胁情报 I have a lot of literary classics on my shelves. Too often, however, I get caught up in reading the latest and greatest in modern…Continue reading on Michael Lortz Creates »

2022-06-15 01:54   Article of the Day: How to better share Public and Private Cyber Information    #[email protected] #威胁情报 Building a Regional, Right of Boom Cyber Defense Network — GRAHAM KENNIS AND LAUREN ZABIEREK, War on The Rocks, 6/7/2022Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2022-06-14 04:18   Article of the Day: Working like Elon Musk    #[email protected] #威胁情报 This is what Elon Musk did the day he bought Twitter. It’s an amazing lesson in productivity — Justin Bariso, Fast Company, 4/29/2022Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2022-06-11 02:20   Article of the Day: Mandiant Tips to Prevent Cyber Attacks    #[email protected] #威胁情报 Working through some older articles, but again, this one is always relevant.Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2022-06-09 02:39   Missing the Modern Counterculture    #[email protected] #威胁情报 In the late 1990s, I had a 1960’s counterculture phase. I think a lot of ‘90’s Gen-Xers had a Jim Morrison phase — mostly spawned by…Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2022-06-08 09:44   Book Review: Military Men by Ward Just    #[email protected] #威胁情报 Stop me if you have heard this before:Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2022-06-04 01:41   Curveball at the Crossroads Audiobook Available Now!    #[email protected] #威胁情报 I realized that I have not discussed my debut novel’s audiobook on this blog.Continue reading on Michael Lortz Creates »

2022-06-01 03:47   Article of the Day: How to talk Cyber Security Risk with Directors and Board Members    #[email protected] #威胁情报 Lessons in Communicating Cyber Risk to the Board and Business Leaders — ThreatConnect Blog, 5/25/2022Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2022-05-26 03:54   An Armed Society is a Politically Dangerous Society    #[email protected] #威胁情报 “An armed society is a polite society,” says the NRA propaganda line.Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2022-05-20 23:21   Article of the Day: Exploring Racial Equity Backlash    #[email protected] #威胁情报 Here is a story I had in my drafts for a long time. It was written almost a year ago, but I think it is still highly relevant, as issues…Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2022-05-14 03:51   Article of the Day: Pursuing Crypto Criminals    #[email protected] #威胁情报 The DOJ’s $3.6B Bitcoin Seizure Shows How Hard It Is to Launder Crypto — Andy Greenberg, Wired, 2/9/2022Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2022-05-13 04:38   A Naïve Foreign Affairs Article on Cyber Operations    #[email protected] #威胁情报 It isn’t often that I read articles in well-researched publications that make me scratch my head in bewilderment. Usually, publications…Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2022-05-12 03:30   Cash Rules Everything Around Me: A Real Love Story for the Dollar Bill, Y’all    #[email protected] #威胁情报 Catching up with this interesting editorial from April 2022. Definitely still relevant, and definitely still thought-provoking.Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2022-04-14 03:53   Article of the Day: Excellent Cyber Threat Intelligence Primer    #[email protected] #威胁情报 Cyber Threat Intelligence is a growing field. Even having taught it in 2019, the field has vastly expanded since then. Although what I…Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »