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2023-02-12 14:46   Article of the Day: Surviving Ransomware    #medium@hybridanalyst #威胁情报 A Guide to Surviving a Ransomware Attack — Oliver Tavakoli, ThreatPost, 6/30/2022Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2023-02-08 02:06   Article of the Day: New Hacker Group Dark Pink    #medium@hybridanalyst #威胁情报 Dark Pink, a newly discovered hacking campaign, threatens Southeast Asian military, government organizations — CyberScoop, AJ Vicens…Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2023-02-07 07:44   Article of the Day: Creating Collaborative US Cybersecurity    #medium@hybridanalyst #威胁情报 Stop Passing the Buck on Cybersecurity — Jen Easterly and Eric Goldstein, Foreign Affairs, 2/1/2023Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2023-02-01 04:37   Article of the Day: Tracking the Career of Website Hackers    #medium@hybridanalyst #威胁情报 Predicting which hackers will become persistent threats — Dr. C. Jordan Howell, AT&T Cybersecurity blog, 1/26/2023Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2023-01-31 04:25   Article of the Day: Update on No-Click Spyware    #medium@hybridanalyst #威胁情报 Spyware Finally Got Scary Enough to Freak Lawmakers Out — After It Spied on Them — Peter Guest, BusinessWeek, 1/24/2023Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2023-01-27 23:50   Reading Adam Rhys Heaton    #medium@hybridanalyst #威胁情报 Since 2019 I have been involved in the local cybersecurity scene here in Tampa, Florida. I have met some great people at networking events…Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2023-01-26 05:46   Article of the Day: Learning Cyber Defense from Ukraine    #medium@hybridanalyst #威胁情报 ‘No Big Bang’: Cyber successes in Ukraine are no cause for complacency in US — Sydney Freedberg, Breaking DefenseContinue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2023-01-24 13:58   Article of the Day: Google and AI    #medium@hybridanalyst #威胁情报 Google’s big fear is AI running wild. After ChatGPT, it’s too late. — Hasan Chowdhury, Business Insider, 1/19/2023Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2023-01-23 00:53   Book Review: Too Sweet — Inside the Indie Wrestling Revolution    #medium@hybridanalyst #威胁情报 Back in 2010, I ran social media for a small, local independent wrestling organization in Tampa, Florida. All-Star Wrestling of Florida…Continue reading on Michael Lortz Creates »

2023-01-22 12:28   Article of the Day: Another Think Tank takes on the Gray Zone    #medium@hybridanalyst #威胁情报 Stop me if you have heard this before.Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2023-01-13 12:25   Article of the Day: Exploring various malicious Wiper Software    #medium@hybridanalyst #威胁情报 Effective, fast, and unrecoverable: Wiper malware is popping up everywhere — Dan Goodin, Ars Technica, 12/12/2022Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2023-01-07 03:17   Exploring options other than Force in International Relations    #medium@hybridanalyst #威胁情报 The High Cost of American Heavy-Handedness — Douglas London, Foreign Affairs, 12/20/22Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2022-12-29 00:34   I did not make Barack Obama’s End of Year Book List    #medium@hybridanalyst #威胁情报 Former US President Barack Obama is an avid reader. Since at least 2016, he has published two lists of books he is reading — a summer list…Continue reading on Michael Lortz Creates »

2022-12-20 04:36   Article of the Day: Billionaires gonna billionaire    #medium@hybridanalyst #威胁情报 Damn The Torpedoes, America’s Billionaire Investors Go Full Speed Ahead On China — Brandon Kochkodin, Forbes, 12/7/2022Continue reading on Hybrid Analyst »

2022-11-30 14:31   Been a while …    #medium@hybridanalyst #威胁情报 It has been a long time since I wrote something on this publication. A few months, if I am not mistaken. So what’s new?Continue reading on Michael Lortz Creates »