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2023-01-21 08:20   A Look at AI Legislation in the US    #medium@golden-data #安全文章 In my last blog post, I discussed AI legislation in Europe. In this blog post, I will discuss the state of play for AI legislation in the US, first at the state and city level and then at the federal level.Generated by DALL-E: “Artificial Intelligence in the United States”AI Legislation at the City

2023-01-21 08:20   An Overview of AI Ethics and Trustworthy AI    #medium@golden-data #安全文章 In Greek myth, Pandora was a woman fashioned out of the earth by a Greek God at the request of Zeus. Pandora was bestowed with powerful gifts and attributes — her name means “all-giving” or “all gifted.” She brought with her a jar (later incorrectly translated as a “box”) that contained “countless p

2023-01-21 08:19   Big Tech Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing? Californians Unite in Opposition to the ADPPA “Trap”    #medium@golden-data #安全文章 The American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA) is a proposed federal privacy law that recently passed the House Committee on Energy & Commerce by an impressive (and bipartisan!) 53–2 vote. In many ways, the ADPPA would go beyond the US’ most robust existing state law — the California Priva

2023-01-21 08:18   Overview of AB 1651: The California Workplace Technology Accountability Act    #medium@golden-data #安全文章 I recently co-authored a paper entitled “Overview and Commentary of the California Workplace Technology Accountability Act.” This is California Assembly Bill 1651 (AB 1651), introduced in the 2022 legislative session by Assemblymember Ash Kalra. I won’t re-publish the article in this blog post but w

2023-01-21 08:17   Enhancing the California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act    #medium@golden-data #安全文章 In my last blog post I drilled down on Assembly Bill 2273 (AB 2273) that is Assemblymembers Buffy Wicks’ and Jordan Cunningham’s proposed California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act (ADCA). As a reminder, if the ADCA were to pass into law, it would require businesses to “consider the privacy and prot

2022-07-27 08:06   Yes, you (probably?) can incorporate SCCs into contracts by reference    #medium@golden-data #安全文章 The emerging practice in many commercial sectors is to incorporate EU Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) and/or the UK International Data…Continue reading on Golden Data »

2022-06-03 07:19   Draft CPPA Regulations Puts Some Heat on Data Brokers    #medium@golden-data #安全文章 Even with the silent killing of SB 1059 — the proposed bill to strengthen California’s Data Broker Registry law by requiring more accountability and transparency from data brokers — there is a little bit of good news in terms of regulating data brokers in Californians. The California Privacy Protect

2022-05-17 04:43   Smart cities, privacy and community control: Are we there yet?    #medium@golden-data #安全文章 Outdated Technology — IBM System 360 Mainframe Computer — Missouri State ArchivesA growing number of cities and communities across the globe are embracing the idea of smart cities. According to the National Conference of State Legislators, the aim of a smart city is “to improve quality of life, econ

2022-05-11 02:59   RECOLOR: If you cannot pay your COPPA fine now the FTC will take the money latter…    #medium@golden-data #安全文章 Settlements enable the FTC to partially suspend payment of fines for organizations unable to pay the full fine.Continue reading on Golden Data »

2022-03-29 09:38   A Closer Look at the California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act    #medium@golden-data #安全文章 In California we are in the first legislative session since the passage of Proposition 24 (the California Privacy Rights Act or CPRA) and not surprisingly there are a number of proposed privacy bills to enhance and/or build upon the CPRA. [IAPP does a masterful job in tracking the proposed bills via

2022-03-29 09:38   FAQ Regarding SB 1059: The Bill to Strengthen California’s Data Broker Law    #medium@golden-data #安全文章 As I wrote in a prior blog post, a bill that I proposed and wrote back in May 2021 to strengthen the California Data Broker law has been adopted by State Senator Josh Becker and introduced as California Senate Bill 1059 (aka SB 1059) on March 9, 2022. Here’s the press release and the text of SB 1059

2022-03-10 06:52   SB 1059 Introduced to Put More Teeth into California Data Broker Law    #medium@golden-data #安全文章 I am very pleased to announce that a bill that I proposed and wrote back in May 2021 to strengthen, enhance, and align the California Data Broker Register with the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA aka Prop 24) has been adopted by State Senator Josh Becker and introduced as California Senate Bill

2021-10-29 00:06   5 tips for nonprofits/not-for-profits on Colorado’s new privacy law    #medium@golden-data #安全文章 [Image from page 773 of “St. Nicholas [serial]” (1873) — Internet Archive Book Images]This year, Colorado became the third state to enact a comprehensive privacy law (the Colorado Data Privacy Act or “DPA.”). The law will go into effect on July 1, 2023 and is set to impose obligations on nonprofit a

2021-10-16 06:04   What is the EU Clinical Trial Regulation?    #medium@golden-data #安全文章 The Clinical Trials Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 536/2014) was enacted on April 16, 2014 and enter

2021-10-15 22:31   How the California Privacy Protection Agency Can Better Protect Consumers    #medium@golden-data #安全文章 With the passage of Proposition 24 (aka the California Privacy Rights Act aka the CPRA aka “V2” of t