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2022-08-18 07:07   DEF CON 30 Press Roundup!    #defcon #安全文章 DEF CON 30 is in the books, and it looks like we made a little news. Here’s an early roundup of DEF CON 30 press mentions. We’ll update soon with more writeups and breakdowns as they appear. DEF CON Bans OAN - Vice This String of Emojis is Actually Malware - Vice Hackers Took Ov

2022-08-12 05:18   DEF CON 30 China Virtual Party!    #defcon #安全文章 Our hacker friends in China are having a VR party for DEF CON 30 with a big, beautiful virtual meeting space and media shared from the show. Big thanks to Baidu for putting that party together! The DEF CON spirit of discovery and community is a truly global thing and we’re grateful to al

2022-08-12 04:39   Join us for DEF CON 30 online!    #defcon #安全文章 The DEF CON Discord is open ( You can hang out in virtual LineCon, try out the offerings of one of our hybrid villages and meet DEF CON family from around the world. The DEF CON Groups have a VR hangout going on throughout DEF CON. Learn what DCGs across the globe

2022-08-05 01:24   HDA Infopack is Live!    #defcon #安全文章 Many thanks to @A_P_Delchi for the DEF CON 30 HDA Infopack! This helpful guide for Hackers with Disabilities has venue maps, tips for traveling between venues and a concise explanation of DEF CON's HDA provisions. Let's look out for each other, and if you see a way we can improve our acc

2022-07-29 08:22   DEF CON Transparency Report Update    #defcon #安全文章 In preparation for DEF CON 30, we’ve updated the transparency report on the DEF CON website. While you’re there, take a moment to re-familiarize yourself with the code of conduct. We don’t have a ton of rules, but we take the ones we have very seriously.

2022-07-16 09:05   DEF CON 30 Speaking Schedule is Live!    #defcon #安全文章 ‘Tis the season, hackerfolk. DEF CON is almost here and all four tracks of the main speaker schedule are live on the website! Visit the Schedule page to start your planning. Our valiant CFP Review Board has put together a strong list of presentations over a wide array of subjects. We’re

2022-07-08 09:21   Floorplan Maps are Live, Room Block discount Ends Soon!    #defcon #安全文章 The floorplan maps for DEF CON 30 have been added to the Venue page of the DC30 website. Take a peek and plot your course, it's just a few short weeks now. The DEF CON 30 room rate discount closes July 15 - so book soon to take advantage of the price break! Our room block in

2022-06-23 03:37   COVID Clarification for DEF CON 30    #defcon #安全文章 Just so there’s no confusion, DEF CON 30 will require masks, same as last year. We thank everyone for keeping each other safe last year, and we can’t wait to get the gang together responsibly just a few short weeks from now. Original DEF CON 30 Covid Policy post from

2022-06-10 06:28   First Batch of DEF CON 30 speakers is Live!    #defcon #安全文章 Friendly DEF CON 30 announcement - the first bunch of speakers are selected and available for your perusal on the DEF CON forums. Congrats to everyone already selected. Keep your eyes on this space for more selections!

2022-06-01 06:23   DEF CON Training Site is Live!    #defcon #安全文章 DEF CON Trainings registration is LIVE! Right after DEF CON 30, we're excited to offer these intensive 2 day classes with a certificate of completion. First come, first served so don't procrastinate.Class descriptions and reg information are at

2022-05-28 02:39   Weekend Updates! CTF Quals news, and New SE Community Q&A Today!    #defcon #安全文章 CTF NewsCTF Quals are almost here (May 28 at 0000 UTC) and the CTF Chat on the DEF CON discord is already open!From @NautilusCTF: #defcon quals chat on the Defcon discord is open. Come visit us in #ctf-discussion-text to ask all the important questions, like “when is web?” and “thi

2022-05-25 11:39   The Black and White Ball is Back!    #defcon #安全文章 A little announcement about DEF CON 30's Black and White Ball: the best-dressed entrants will get some to enter early and enjoy a few free drinks before we let everyone else in. So look sharp - more details to come.

2022-05-22 01:09   DEF CON Movie Night: 3 Days of the Condor    #defcon #安全文章 Join us Saturday the 21st at 8pm PDT for Sydney Pollack's 1975 spy thriller 'Three Days of the Condor'. Robert Redford plays a CIA researcher on the run and Ma Bell plays herself. We'll be hiding out in the DEF CON Discord ( under the code name movie-night-text.

2022-05-20 06:28   Check out Policy @ DEF CON!    #defcon #安全文章 Policy matters. The world has never been so connected, and mighty forces contend for the right to shape our digital lives. DEF CON believes the hacker community needs a voice in that process. To help people learn, connect and get involved with the leading edge of tech policy, we off

2022-05-14 05:58   The DEF CON 30 Website is live!    #defcon #安全文章 Good news, everyone! The DEF CON 30 official website is officially LIVE and DEF CON season is officially IN EFFECT. Bookmark it for a handy place to check out all of the DC30 infoz as they roll in. Check the calendar, jump into the forums, book a room - it’s all in one pl