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6hour ago   BlackByte Ransomware Takes an Extra Bite Using Double Extortion Methods    #blackberry #威胁情报 With the Grim Reaper as a mascot, a custom exfiltration tool to steal victim data, and utilization of the increasingly popular ‘double extortion’ method of deploying ransomware, it’s time to take a closer look at the threat posed by BlackByte.

dby 17:01   Mustang Panda Uses the Russian-Ukrainian War to Attack Europe and Asia Pacific Targets    #blackberry #威胁情报 APT group Mustang Panda now appears to have Europe and Asia Pacific targets in its sights. The BlackBerry Research and Intelligence team recently unearthed evidence that the group may be using global interest in the Russian-Ukraine war to deliver PlugX malware via phishing lure to unsuspecting users

2022-11-28 21:00   WhisperGate Wiper: Watch This Threat Get Silenced by BlackBerry (Video)    #blackberry #威胁情报 At first glance WhisperGate Wiper appears to be a typical ransomware. However, it's purpose isn't financial gain, but data corruption and operational disruption. Watch as WhisperGate tries to infect a system running CylanceOPTICS® and CylancePROTECT®.

2022-11-21 17:01   Gamaredon Leverages Microsoft Office Docs to Target Ukraine Government    #blackberry #威胁情报 The Gamaredon group, an anagram of "armageddon", continues their campaign of targeting military and government organizations in Ukraine. In this blog, we’ll examine how Gamaredon uses remote template injection inside Microsoft Office documents to compromise systems.

2022-11-16 17:01   ARCrypter Ransomware Expands its Operations From Latin America to the World    #blackberry #威胁情报 Between Aug. and Oct. 2022, Chile's government computer systems and Invima, The Colombia National Food and Drug Surveillance Institute, were attacked by a previously unseen ransomware variant. Based on the unique strings identified during our threat hunting efforts, BlackBerry has named this unknown

2022-11-15 05:30   Contextual Threat Intelligence: How CISOs Can Level Up Their Cyber Defenses    #blackberry #威胁情报 The BlackBerry® CTI service provides subscribers with tailored threat intelligence along with actionable insights and recommendations to bolster the cyber resilience of an organization, regardless of its size.

2022-11-03 16:01   ChromeLoader Infects the Browser by Loading Malicious Extension    #blackberry #威胁情报 Have you ever considered downloading a malicious extension for Google Chrome? If your machine is infected with ChromeLoader, you might not have a choice.

2022-11-03 02:30   RomCom Threat Actor Abuses KeePass and SolarWinds to Target Ukraine and Potentially the United Kingdom    #blackberry #威胁情报 The threat actor known as RomCom is actively deploying new campaigns aimed at victims in Ukraine and English-speaking regions. The BlackBerry Threat Research and Intelligence Team discovered new campaigns that spoof popular brand-name software packages. The United Kingdom is possibly a new target, w

2022-10-23 23:30   Unattributed RomCom Threat Actor Spoofing Popular Apps Now Hits Ukrainian Militaries    #blackberry #威胁情报 Threat actor RomCom RAT is now targeting Ukrainian military institutions. Known to deploy spoofed versions of popular software Advanced IP Scanner, once exposed, RomCom RAT switched to PDF Filler, another popular application, which indicates the group behind it is actively developing new capabilitie

2022-10-13 16:01   BianLian Ransomware Encrypts Files in the Blink of an Eye    #blackberry #威胁情报 BianLian is a financially motivated threat actor that targets a wide range of industries. It uses the exotic programming language “Go” to encrypt files with unusual speed.

2022-10-08 08:00   Jupyter Infostealer: Watch BlackBerry Bring It Down to Earth (Video)    #blackberry #威胁情报 Jupyter Infostealer lurks deep within legitimate installer packages, waiting for any opportunity to steal sensitive user data. Watch BlackBerry defeat it.

2022-10-08 02:00   Microsoft Exchange Server Zero-Day Mitigation Proves Insufficient    #blackberry #威胁情报 Two unpatched zero-day vulnerabilities that remotely compromise on-premises Microsoft Exchange servers were recently discovered. Microsoft confirmed these vulnerabilities were being exploited in a limited and targeted manner. The CVE program is now tracking them as CVE-2022-41040 and CVE-2022-41082.

2022-10-06 16:01   Mustang Panda Abuses Legitimate Apps to Target Myanmar Based Victims    #blackberry #威胁情报 The BlackBerry Research & Intelligence Team recently uncovered a campaign by an advanced persistent threat (APT) group called Mustang Panda that is leveraging the PlugX malware family to target the Southeast Asian state of Myanmar.

2022-09-29 16:01   DJVU: The Ransomware That Seems Strangely Familiar…    #blackberry #威胁情报 DJVU is new variant of STOP ransomware, boasting multiple layers of obfuscation, which makes it difficult to detect and analyze. This is a constantly evolving ransomware family, making it a prevalent threat to both individuals and enterprises alike.

2022-09-26 22:00   H0lyGh0st Ransomware: Watch This Unholy Threat “Meet Its Maker” (Video)    #blackberry #威胁情报 H0lyGh0st ransomware boasts of helping the poor by taking from the rich, claiming to attack businesses in a “Robin Hood” style pursuit. However, this insidious threat is anything but “holy.” Watch H0lyGh0st ransomware try to infect a system running CylanceOPTICS® and CylancePROTECT®.