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2023-02-09 17:45   Transforming Threat Data into Actionable Intelligence    #anomali #威胁情报 IntroductionIn today's digital age, the threat of cyber-attacks is greater than ever. Traditional security operations, which have focused on reactive measures such as patching vulnerabilities and responding to breaches, are no longer sufficient to meet the challenges of the modern threat landscape.

2023-02-02 17:13   Introducing the Anomali User Research Group    #anomali #威胁情报 User research groups contribute significantly to product development through a data-led approach incorporating actual customers’ opinions and ideas. This information ultimately influences a product’s design, capabilities & features.User research groups can also be a source of valuabl

2023-01-05 13:50   Focusing on Your Adversary    #anomali #威胁情报 Every day, we hear news stories or read articles about data breaches and other cyber security threats. As malicious threat actors and the risk of cyber threats increase, protecting networks and valuable information becomes more critical. So what can organizations do to ensure their networks remain s

2022-12-21 13:11   2023 Anomali Predictions: New Risks to Put Added Pressure on Enterprise Defenders    #anomali #威胁情报 Cybersecurity has a way of surprising us with the unexpected so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a completely new kind of security threat emerge in 2023. But as the ongoing cat-and-mouse game between attackers and defenders unfolds, certain scenarios are already coming into view.Why Threat Actor

2022-12-15 13:12   Anomali November Quarterly Product Update    #anomali #威胁情报 We’re excited to announce our quarterly platform update for November. This update introduces new capabilities that automate defense actions and allow enterprise organizations to understand their relevant threat landscape and visualize what’s happening inside and outside their network.Key

2022-12-09 03:03   Why Understanding Your Attack Surface is Imperative    #anomali #威胁情报 We live in a world of constant change. Digital transformation has fundamentally changed the way we work, play, learn, shop, travel, communicate, connect, collaborate, create, consume media, earn income, and even sleep. These changes have brought about new risks, challenges, and opportunities for inn

2022-11-17 22:35   Gartner Insights: How to Respond to the Cyberthreat Landscape    #anomali #威胁情报 The digital transformation era has fundamentally changed how organizations operate, including how they manage information technology processes and systems. This change has been driven primarily by a desire to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase agility across multiple business areas. Thes

2022-11-10 19:49   The Need for More Data in Security Operations    #anomali #威胁情报 The increasing reliance on big data has created a broader scope for hackers to exploit. But, it’s also made opportunities for cybersecurity professionals to help identify threats.Recent ESG research found that survey respondents want to use more data for security operations, driving the need f

2022-11-09 06:09   Modernize Your Security Operations & Reduce Cost    #anomali #威胁情报 “Anomali delivers a breakthrough to the alphabet soup of SIEM, SOAR, Intelligence & XDR at a fraction of the cost”Doing Business TodayIn good or tough macroeconomic environments, security efficacy should be delivered with efficiency and a positive impact on earnings per share.CIOs an

2022-11-03 21:29   Climbing the Threat Intelligence Maturity Curve    #anomali #威胁情报 Creating a Successful Threat Intelligence ProgramThe foundation of any effective security program is cyber threat intelligence. Organizations that adopt threat intelligence as part of their overall cybersecurity strategy find themselves better prepared to respond to emerging threats and avoid costly

2022-11-01 23:00   Anomali Cyber Watch: Active Probing Revealed ShadowPad C2s, Fodcha Hides Behind Obscure TLDs, Awaiting OpenSSL 3.0 Patch, and More    #anomali #威胁情报 The various threat intelligence stories in this iteration of the Anomali Cyber Watch discuss the following topics: China, DDoS, OpenSSL, Ransomware, Russia, Spyware, and Ukraine. The IOCs related to these stories are attached to Anomali Cyber Watch and can be used to check your logs for potential ma

2022-10-27 05:00   Anomali Earns Frost and Sullivan Market Leadership Award for Threat Intelligence Management Platforms    #anomali #威胁情报 Anomali Earns Frost and Sullivan Market Leadership Award for Broadening their Command of the Threat Intelligence Management Market to Deliver Comprehensive Threat Detection and Response“Keeping up with market trends has certainly paid off for Anomali – the different information

2022-10-27 02:31   Accelerating Security Resilience at a Fraction of the Cost    #anomali #威胁情报 Manage security in the current macro and help increase business revenue and EPS with a scalable SOCIMAGINE accelerating security resilience at a fraction of the cost – an operating foundation at scale to change how we play the infinite game of cybersecurity and even shift the security cost to

2022-10-20 21:36   Threat Hunting: Eight Tactics to Accelerating Threat Hunting    #anomali #威胁情报 One of the more significant headaches in cyber security is the overuse of buzzwords and acronyms and the overlapping mutations of what they mean. Cyber threat Hunting has become one of those phrases, but it has gained clarity over the last few years as organizations strived to become more proactive.

2022-10-13 18:00   #See Yourself in Cyber: Top Five Ways to Help Improve your Organization’s Security Posture    #anomali #威胁情报 Since 2004, the President of the United States has proclaimed October as cybersecurity awareness month, helping individuals better understand cybersecurity threats and protect them from them. Every year, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the National Cybersecurity