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dby 05:20   Norway accuses pro-Russian hackers of launching wave of DDoS attacks    #The Record #安全文章 Norway’s National Security Authority (NSM) accused pro-Russian hackers of launching several distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks at a number of critical organizations in the country.  The NSM did not respond to requests for comment but the organization’s director Sofie Nystrøm rel

dby 04:14   TSA to change cybersecurity rules for pipelines following industry criticism    #The Record #安全文章 The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced changes to a cybersecurity directive for U.S. pipelines after backlash from industry experts and trade groups.  TSA issued two sets of security directives last year after the ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline dominated headlines an

dby 19:00   Amazon quietly patches ‘high severity’ Android photos app vulnerability    #The Record #安全文章 Amazon patched a high severity vulnerability affecting the Amazon Photos Android app in December after researchers notified them of the issue, the company disclosed Tuesday.  Researchers at cybersecurity firm Checkmarx said they discovered a bug in the app that allowed attackers to steal a user

2022-06-29 04:50   Netwalker ransomware affiliate agrees to plead guilty to hacking charges    #The Record #安全文章 Prolific Netwalker ransomware affiliate Sebastien Vachon-Desjardins agreed to plead guilty on Tuesday to several charges related to a hacking campaign against a company based in Florida.  The 34-year-old Vachon-Desjardins, who previously was sentenced to seven years in prison by Canadian officials f

2022-06-29 00:12   LockBit adds a bug bounty program in its revamped ransomware-as-a-service operation    #The Record #安全文章 The highly active LockBit ransomware group released what it is calling “LockBit 3.0” over the weekend, and announced a bug bounty program that offers rewards for ways to improve the ransomware operation.The post LockBit adds a bug bounty program in its revamped ransomware-as-a-service operation appe

2022-06-28 23:33   AMD investigating claims of stolen data    #The Record #安全文章 Chip manufacturing giant Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) said it is investigating claims from a digital extortion group that data was stolen from the company.  In a statement to The Record, AMD said it is “aware of a bad actor claiming to be in possession of stolen data from AMD.” “An investigatio

2022-06-28 23:30   New York governor names state’s first Chief Cyber Officer    #The Record #安全文章 New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) on Monday tapped digital security veteran Colin Ahern to be the state’s first-ever Chief Cyber Officer. Ahern will oversee all cyber threat assessment, mitigation and response efforts and helm the Joint Security Operations Center — an information sharing hub that c

2022-06-28 22:31   Son of Conti: Ransomware tries its hand at politics    #The Record #安全文章 It has been a busy spring for the Russian-speaking ransomware group Conti. After an unprecedented leak of its internal chat logs earlier in the year that had experts predicting the group’s demise, Conti, or at least some subset of it, came back with a vengeance.  In April it attacked Costa Rica

2022-06-28 22:28   Kentucky, Arkansas say abortion ban leaks used publicly available data    #The Record #安全文章 The state governments of Kentucky and Arkansas said they launched investigations into data leaks that allegedly took place this weekend and officials from both states believe the information was already publicly available. On Saturday, a group calling itself SiegedSec claimed on Telegram that it was

2022-06-28 03:04   Russian hacking group takes credit for wide-ranging cyberattack on Lithuania    #The Record #安全文章 A hacking group aligned with the Russian government took credit for a large cyberattack on several government institutions in Lithuania on Monday. The country’s defense minister and National Cyber Security Centre released a statement saying the hackers had used distributed denial-of-service attacks

2022-06-27 22:40   Carnival Cruises to pay $1.25 million fine for 2019 data breach    #The Record #安全文章 Carnival Cruises has agreed to pay a $1.25 million fine after being sued by 46 attorneys general for its handling of a 2019 data breach that leaked information from 180,000 Carnival employees and customers across the country.  The breach was disclosed by the company in March 2020 and involved names,

2022-06-25 05:21   Dems want FTC to investigate Apple and Google for privacy harms made worse Post-Roe    #The Record #安全文章 Both companies use unique tracking identifiers in their popular Android and iOS mobile operating systems for advertising purposes.The post Dems want FTC to investigate Apple and Google for privacy harms made worse Post-Roe appeared first on The Record by Recorded Future.

2022-06-25 04:55   Hacker selling access to 50 vulnerable networks through Atlassian vulnerability    #The Record #安全文章 A hacker is selling access to 50 vulnerable networks on a cybercriminal forum after breaking into systems through the recently-discovered Atlassian Confluence zero-day. The Rapid7 Threat Intelligence team told The Record that it found an access broker on the Russian-language forum XSS selling root a

2022-06-25 03:50   Ransomware groups targeting Mitel VoIP zero-day    #The Record #安全文章 Ransomware groups are targeting a zero-day affecting a Linux-based Mitel VoIP appliance, according to researchers from CrowdStrike.  The zero-day – tagged as CVE-2022-29499 – was patched in April by Mitel after CrowdStrike researcher Patrick Bennett discovered the issue during a ransomware investiga

2022-06-25 03:44   House panel approves major cash infusion for CISA    #The Record #安全文章 House appropriators on Friday voted in favor of a $2.9 billion budget for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). The House Appropriations Committee approved its homeland security funding bill, 32-25. The amount allocated for CISA is $417 million more than the Biden administrati