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2023-02-04 10:10   Q4 2022 DDoS Attacks and BGP Incidents    #Qrator Labs Blog #安全文章 Now that 2022 has come to an end, we would like to share the DDoS attack mitigation and BGP incident statistics for the fourth quarter of the year, which overall saw unprecedented levels of DDoS attack activity across all business sectors.In 2022, DDoS attacks increased by 73.09% compared to 2021. L

2023-01-13 00:11   Route Leak prevention and detection with the help of the RFC9234    #Qrator Labs Blog #安全文章 All the credit is due to the RFC’s authors: A. Azimov (Qrator Labs & Yandex), E. Bogomazov (Qrator Labs), R. Bush (IIJ & Arrcus), K. Patel (Arrcus), K. Sriram.What are route leaks in the context of BGP routingAccording to RFC7908: “A route leak is the propagation of routing announcement(s) b

2022-11-11 01:11   Measuring Internet region: Africa    #Qrator Labs Blog #安全文章 Eugene Bogomazov from Qrator Labs presented a paper during the African Peering and Interconnection Forum that took place on August 23, 2022. The paper highlights the results and conclusions of  measurements taken from several networks in African countries. We publish these results here through this

2022-10-27 23:17   Q3 2022 DDoS attacks and BGP incidents    #Qrator Labs Blog #安全文章 With the end of the 2022' third quarter, we invite you to take a tour into DDoS attacks mitigation and BGP incidents statistics recorded from July to September.

2022-09-08 20:14   The 2022 National Internet Segment Reliability Research    #Qrator Labs Blog #安全文章 The National Internet Segment Reliability Research explains how the outage of a single Autonomous System might affect the connectivity of the impacted region with the rest of the world. Generally, the most critical AS in the region is the dominant ISP on the market, but not always.As the number of a

2022-07-21 19:12   Q2 2022 DDoS attacks and BGP incidents    #Qrator Labs Blog #安全文章 The second quarter of the year has ended and, as usual, we take a look back at the mitigated DDoS attacks activity and BGP incidents that occurred between April and June 2022.

2022-04-27 19:12   Q1 2022 DDoS attacks and BGP incidents    #Qrator Labs Blog #安全文章 The first quarter of the year 2022 has passed; now, it is time to look at the events of Q1 in terms of mitigated DDoS activity and recorded BGP incidents.

2022-01-26 19:08   Q4 2021 DDoS attacks and BGP incidents    #Qrator Labs Blog #安全文章 2021 was an action-packed year for Qrator Labs.It started with the official celebration of our tenth year anniversary, continued with massive routing incidents, and ended with the infamous Meris botnet we reported back in September.Now it is time to look at the events of the last quarter of 2021. Th

2021-12-15 19:11   Partnership with MANRS    #Qrator Labs Blog #安全文章 Qrator Labs has become a MANRS partner to pursue more reliable and secure internet routing.

2021-12-07 00:11   New botnet with lots of cameras and some routers    #Qrator Labs Blog #安全文章 DDoS attacks send ripples on the ocean of the Internet, produced by creations of various sizes - botnets. Some of them feed at the top of the ocean, but there also exists a category of huge, deep water monstrosities that are rare and dangerous enough they could be seen only once in a very long time.

2021-11-13 00:10   Routing Loops    #Qrator Labs Blog #安全文章 Hello, everybody! My name is Alexander Zubkov and today I’d like to talk about routing loops.

2021-11-08 21:13   Mistake, Mistake, Blackhole    #Qrator Labs Blog #安全文章 Three Mistakes in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Outage)Yesterday, on 12.11.2018 a BGP configuration mistake happened at Mainone Cable Company (AS37282), a Nigerian ISP. It mainly hit two content providers: Google (AS15169, AS36384, AS36492, AS43515) and Cloudflare (AS13335). Leaked routes were accep

2021-11-08 21:13   Cybersecurity News Roundup, July 29 - August 4    #Qrator Labs Blog #安全文章 This blogpost represents a regular Cybersecurity Newsletter issue, available at the dedicated subscribe page.This time, we're between July 29 and August 3 with the best articles posted.

2021-11-08 21:13   AS1221 hijacking 266 ASNs in 51 countries    #Qrator Labs Blog #安全文章 On Tuesday, September 29, 2020 AS1221 - Telstra announced 472 prefixes in a BGP hijack event that affected 266 other ASNs in 50 countries, with the most damage rendered to the U.S. and U.K. based networks. Worldwide it affected more than 1680 IPv4 prefixes, creating almost 2000 path challenge confli

2021-11-08 21:13   Cybersecurity Newsletter, October 5 - 11    #Qrator Labs Blog #安全文章 Hello and welcome to the regular networking and cybersecurity newsletter! Relevant articles published between October 5 and October 11, 2020, are following.