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2021-11-04 05:05   BlackMatter Claims to Shut Ops; Experts Suspect Rebranding    #DataBreachToday #安全文章 Criminal Group Announced News on Russian Site, Says Malware Research Organization vx-undergroundRansomware-as-a-service provider BlackMatter has ceased operations due to pressure from local authorities, malware research organization vx-underground says, citing an announcement made by the gang on a R

2021-11-04 05:05   FBI Warns of Ransomware Actors Leveraging M&A Data    #DataBreachToday #安全文章 Bad Actors Learn Victim Firms' Public, Nonpublic Data Before Attack to Increase ImpactThe Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a notification warning to private sector companies, especially those listed or in the process of being listed on stock exchanges, to be aware of ransomware actors usin

2021-11-04 05:05   Ransomware Incidents Among Largest Breaches on Federal Tally    #DataBreachToday #安全文章 Analysis of Latest Health Data Breaches on the HHS OCR 'Wall of Shame'Ransomware incidents are becoming a major cause of health data breaches affecting millions of individuals that have been reported so far in 2021, according to the latest additions to the federal tally. What else is topping the lis

2021-11-04 04:05   CISA Directs Federal Agencies to Patch Known Vulnerabilities    #DataBreachToday #安全文章 BOD 22-01 Imposes Strict Deadlines for Remediation of Publicly Known ExploitsThe U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency on Wednesday issued a new directive - BOD 22-01 - requiring federal civilian agencies to patch vulnerabilities known to be actively exploited in the wild.

2021-11-03 10:07   Facebook Shuts Down Facial Recognition Feature    #DataBreachToday #安全文章 Facebook Will Delete More Than a Billion Facial ProfilesFacebook plans to shut down its facial recognition system, saying the regulatory landscape is unclear and citing ongoing concerns about the effects on society of using such systems. The company plans to delete more than one billion facial profi

2021-11-03 06:05   7 Trends: How Ransomware Operations Continue to Evolve    #DataBreachToday #安全文章 New Players and Rebranding Remain Constant, as Does Challenge of Operating AnonymouslyWhile ransomware remains many criminals' weapon of choice for reliably shaking down victims, the ransomware-attacker landscape itself continues to evolve in numerous ways, with a constant influx of fresh players, r

2021-11-03 06:05   US Treasury Department Says Stablecoins Must Be Regulated    #DataBreachToday #安全文章 Report Calls for Congressional Action to Address Risks With Fiat-Backed TokensA new report from the U.S. Treasury Department urges Congress to "act promptly" to issue legislation that brings additional oversight to stablecoins, or crypto tokens pegged to fiat currencies. Federal officials say regula

2021-11-03 05:05   California Clinic Network Cyber Incident Affects 656,000    #DataBreachToday #安全文章 A Nevada Cancer Center Is Also Dealing With the Aftermath of an AttackA recent cyberattack on Community Medical Centers in Northern California has potentially compromised the information of more than 656,000 individuals. Meanwhile, Las Vegas Cancer Center reportedly fell victim to a ransomware attac

2021-11-03 03:05   New Cybersecurity Norms for Wireless Device Makers in EU    #DataBreachToday #安全文章 European Commission: Guidelines Aim to Protect Wireless Privacy, Prevent FraudWireless device makers in the European Union market will soon have to adhere to a new set of cybersecurity guidelines at the design and production stages of manufacturing, according to the European Commission. The guidelin