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14hour ago   Alex Kim: Why I joined Cloudflare    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 I am excited to announce that as of November 1, I have joined Cloudflare as Country Manager of South Korea to help build a better Internet and to expand Cloudflare’s growing customer, partner, and local teams in Korea.

2022-11-30 09:04   Adjusting pricing, introducing annual plans, and accelerating innovation    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 After not raising prices in our history, this was something we thought carefully about before deciding to do. While we have over a decade of network expansion and innovation under our belts, what may not be intuitive is that our goal is not to increase revenue from this change.

2022-11-30 00:35   Cloudflare partners to simplify China connectivity for corporate networks    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 Today, along with our strategic partners, we’re excited to announce expansion of our Cloudflare One product suite to tackle these problems, with the goal of creating the best SASE experience for users and organizations in China

2022-11-28 22:57   The Linux Kernel Key Retention Service and why you should use it in your next application    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 Many leaks happen because of software bugs and security vulnerabilities. In this post we will learn how the Linux kernel can help protect cryptographic keys from a whole class of potential security vulnerabilities: memory access violations.

2022-11-26 02:32   An early look at Thanksgiving 2022 Internet trends    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 Yesterday, November 24, 2022, was Thanksgiving Day in the US. Last year, we saw how the US paused shopping (and browsing) for Thanksgiving. So, how was it this year?

2022-11-25 22:00   Cloudflare servers don't own IPs anymore – so how do they connect to the Internet?    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 In this blog we'll discuss how we manage Cloudflare IP addressesused to retrieve the data from the Internet, how our egressnetwork design has evolved, how we optimized it for best useof available IP space and introduce our soft-anycast technology

2022-11-25 01:31   Why BGP communities are better than AS-path prepends    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 Routing on the Internet follows a few basic principles. Unfortunately not everything on the Internet is created equal, and prepending can do more harm than good. In this blog post we’ll talk about the problems that prepending aims to solve, and some alternative solutions

2022-11-24 00:01   How we detect route leaks and our new Cloudflare Radar route leak service    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 In this blog post, we will introduce our new system designed to detect route leaks and its integration on Cloudflare Radar and its public API.

2022-11-23 22:00   Why Cloudflare’s one of the Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces in 2022    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 We are proud to share that Cloudflare has been named one of the Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces in 2022 by Newsweek and Best Practice Institute (BPI)

2022-11-19 05:13   ICYMI: Developer Week 2022 announcements    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 This week we made over 30 announcements, in case you missed any here’s a quick round-up.

2022-11-18 22:02   Send Cloudflare Workers logs to a destination of your choice with Workers Trace Events Logpush    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 Workers Trace Events Logpush gives new levels of visibility into Workers invocations, console.log messages and errors. It is now available to everyone on the Workers Paid and Enterprise plans!

2022-11-18 22:00   Network performance update: Developer Week 2022    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 Cloudflare did the measurements to prove we’re the fastest developer platform, beating out all the other competition.

2022-11-18 22:00   Twilio Segment Edge SDK powered by Cloudflare Workers    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 With Segment Edge SDK, built on Cloudflare Workers, developers can collect high-quality first-party data and use Segment Edge SDK to access real-time user profiles and state, to deliver personalized app experiences without managing a ton of infrastructure.

2022-11-18 22:00   Improving Workers TypeScript support: accuracy, ergonomics and interoperability    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 Today, we’re excited to announce the next major release of Workers TypeScript definitions with a bunch of improvements, and the open-sourcing of the new automatic generation scripts.

2022-11-18 22:00   Doubling down on local development with Workers: Miniflare meets workerd    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 Today, we’re taking local development to the next level by releasing Miniflare 3, powered by the open-source workerd runtime, along with support for migrating existing dashboard projects and using real data locally.