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2023-02-09 03:00   Welcome to Wildebeest: the Fediverse on Cloudflare    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 Today we're announcing Wildebeest, an open-source, easy-to-deploy ActivityPub and Mastodon-compatible server built entirely on top of Cloudflare's Supercloud.

2023-02-08 02:20   How Cloudflare erroneously throttled a customer’s web traffic    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 Today’s post is a little different. It’s about a single customer’s website not working correctly because of incorrect action taken by Cloudflare.

2023-02-03 22:00   Manage and control the use of dedicated egress IPs with Cloudflare Zero Trust    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 Administrators can now use Gateway traffic egress policies to determine which egress IPs are used when.

2023-02-03 22:00   Get notified about the most relevant events with Advanced HTTP Alerts    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 Today we’re adding more flexibility to HTTP alerting, enabling customers to customize the types of activity they’re alerted on and how those alerts are organized.

2023-02-02 21:32   Cloudflare's handling of a bug in interpreting IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 Recently, a vulnerability was reported to our bug bounty about a bug in the way some of our code interprets IPv4 addresses mapped into IPv6 addresses. Read about how Cloudflare addressed this vulnerability and what will prevent similar exploits in the future.

2023-02-02 14:02   Uptick in healthcare organizations experiencing targeted DDoS attacks    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 Over the past few days, Cloudflare, as well as other sources, have observed healthcare organizations targeted by a pro-Russian hacktivist group claiming to be Killnet.

2023-01-31 22:00   CVE-2022-47929: traffic control noqueue no problem?    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 In the Linux kernel before 6.1.6, a NULL pointer dereference bug in the traffic control subsystem allows an unprivileged user to trigger a denial of service (system crash) via a crafted traffic control configuration that is set up with "tc qdisc" and "tc class" commands.

2023-01-27 22:00   Cyberattacks on Holocaust educational websites increased in 2022    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 Today, 78 years after the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp, we mark the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.With Cloudflare’s Project Galileo, we protect Holocaust educational websites and at risk public interest groups. Read more to see how attacks on these groups increased in 2022.

2023-01-27 22:00   Inside Geo Key Manager v2: re-imagining access control for distributed systems    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 Using the story of Geo Key Manager v2 as an example, let’s re-imagine access control for distributed systems using a variant of public-key cryptography, called attribute-based encryption.

2023-01-27 22:00   Towards a global framework for cross-border data flows and privacy protection    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 In our third and final blog post leading up to Data Privacy Day, we drill down into the challenges for cross-border data flows, in particular personal data transfers from the EU to the US.

2023-01-26 22:00   Navigating the changing data localization landscape with Cloudflare’s Data Localization Suite    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 We continue to expand and improve our data localization suite to help support our customers who have to comply with data localization requirements

2023-01-25 23:15   Investing in security to protect data privacy    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 With Data Privacy Day just a few days away, we think it’s important to focus on all the ways security measures and privacy-enhancing technologies help keep personal data private and why security measures are so much more critical to protecting privacy

2023-01-25 22:00   Armed to Boot: an enhancement to Arm's Secure Boot chain    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 Enhancing the Arm Secure Boot chain to improve platform security on modern systems.

2023-01-25 11:47   Cloudflare incident on January 24, 2023    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 Several Cloudflare services became unavailable for 121 minutes on January 24th, 2023 due to an error releasing code that manages service tokens. The incident degraded a wide range of Cloudflare products

2023-01-24 22:00   Intelligent, automatic restarts for unhealthy Kafka consumers    #CloudFlare Blog #安全文章 At Cloudflare, we take steps to ensure we are resilient against failure at all levels of our infrastructure. This includes Kafka, which we use for critical workflows such as sending time-sensitive emails and alerts.