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dby 08:11   美国国防部“创新后5G (IB5G)”计划简介    #安全内参 #安全文章 IB5G计划瞄准后5G时代各种新颖网络概念和组件的构思、设计、原型和集成,意图发展新能力,使美军能够主导未来网络战场。

dby 08:00   算法战:通过DARPA项目探测量子计算能力    #安全内参 #安全文章 量子计算机可以运行更复杂的算法,并且比传统计算机运行得更快。

dby 08:00   Web漏洞之HOST头攻击    #freebuf #安全文章 Snipaste_2022-06-07_12-34-02【由浅入深_打牢基础】HOST头攻击前几天一直准备别的事情,然后用了2/3天时间去挖了补天某厂的SRC,还是太菜了,最后提交了一个低危(还没出结果,还有点敏感信息泄露,感觉略鸡肋也没交),不过偶然发现之前提的一个公益SRC被收了(当时快半个月都没人处理)不过没money,等过几天有时间再看吧,还是得虚心学技术,慢慢的进步。1. HOST头的作

dby 07:56   基于注意力机制的社交机器人检测模型    #安全内参 #安全文章 本文提出了一种基于注意力机制的深度神经网络模型DeepSBD,用于检测OSN上的社交机器人。

dby 07:30   FabricScape: Escaping Service Fabric and Taking Over the Cluster    #unit42 #威胁情报 FabricScape (CVE-2022-30137) is a privilege escalation vulnerability of important severity in Microsoft's Service Fabric, commonly used with Azure.The post FabricScape: Escaping Service Fabric and Taking Over the Cluster appeared first on Unit 42.

dby 07:23   Uncontrolled Resource Consumption in Spray JSON    #GitHub Advisory Database #漏洞通告 Uncontrolled Resource Consumption in Spray JSON

dby 07:00   首发!「网安供应链厂商成分分析及国产化替代指南」报告要点解读·附全文下载    #freebuf #安全文章 斯元商业咨询现正式发布「网络安全科技供应链报告」。

2022-06-29 06:50   Free Range Routing    #APNIC Blog #安全文章 Guest Post: The success of open-source projects like FRR is determined by their community of contributors.

2022-06-29 05:25   NON-STATE ACTORS IN THE CYBERSPACE: AN ATTEMPT TO A TAXONOMIC CLASSIFICATION, ROLE, IMPACT AND RELATIONS WITH A STATE’S SOCIOECONOMIC STRUCTURE    #Security Affairs #安全文章 This paper provides a taxonomic classification of non-state actors in the cyberspace, analyzing their role and impact on a state’s socioeconomic structure Cyber Non-State Actors (CNSA) are key figures in our globalized world: their operations could have a significant impact on international affairs,

2022-06-29 05:24   Massive Trove of Gun Owners’ Private Information Leaked by California Attorney General    #[email protected] #安全文章   submitted by   /u/Hotdogpizzathehut [link]   [留言]

2022-06-29 05:24   ZuoRAT malware hijacks SOHO Routers to spy in the vitims    #Security Affairs #安全文章 A new RAT dubbed ZuoRAT was employed in a campaign aimed at small office/home office (SOHO) routers in North American and Europe. Researchers from Black Lotus Labs, the threat intelligence division of Lumen Technologies, have discovered a new remote access trojan (RAT) called ZuoRAT, which targets s

2022-06-29 04:50   Netwalker ransomware affiliate agrees to plead guilty to hacking charges    #The Record #安全文章 Prolific Netwalker ransomware affiliate Sebastien Vachon-Desjardins agreed to plead guilty on Tuesday to several charges related to a hacking campaign against a company based in Florida.  The 34-year-old Vachon-Desjardins, who previously was sentenced to seven years in prison by Canadian officials f

2022-06-29 04:48   Pro-PRC DRAGONBRIDGE Influence Campaign Targets Rare Earths Mining Companies in Attempt to Thwart Rivalry to PRC Market Dominance    #MANDIANT BLOG #安全文章 Pro-PRC DRAGONBRIDGE Influence Campaign Targets Rare Earths Mining Companies in Attempt to Thwart Rivalry to PRC Market Dominance

2022-06-29 04:48   X-ray reverse-engineering a hybrid module from 1960s Apollo test equipment    #[email protected] #安全文章   submitted by   /u/tnavda [link]   [留言]