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2022-10-04 22:57   Blue Teaming on macOS with eslogger    #cybereason #威胁情报 In this edition of the Blue Team Chronicles, we assess the capabilities of eslogger, a new built-in macOS tool, and show how defenders can use this tool to better understand malicious activities on macOS and build new detection approaches.  

2022-10-04 22:51   Malicious Life Podcast: Hacking Stock Markets Part 1    #cybereason #威胁情报 In any trading market–at any time in history, no matter where you are–the most important thing you can possess isn’t actually money, or influence, or anything like that. Knowledge– in particular, knowing something before everybody else–is far more valuable. Some traders are willing to go to gr

2022-10-04 04:06   THREAT ALERT: ProxyNotShell - Two Critical Vulnerabilities Affecting MS Exchange    #cybereason #威胁情报 The Cybereason GSOC Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Team is investigating incidents that involve exploitation of the critical Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities - CVE-2022–41040 and CVE-2022–41082, also known as ProxyNotShell.  

2022-10-04 03:54   A Guide to More Efficient and Effective SOC Teams    #cybereason #威胁情报 Alert fatigue is one of the biggest challenges facing Security Operations Center (SOC) teams, worsening the already critical problem of analyst burnout and resulting in slower response times, missed threats, and increased exposure to cyber risk.

2022-10-03 23:23   Malicious Life Wins Big at the 17th Annual People's Choice Podcast Awards    #cybereason #威胁情报 The Malicious Life Podcast Team is excited to announce that we won the This Week in Tech Technology Category honor at the 17th Annual People's Choice Podcast Awards. 

2022-09-30 23:51   Webinar October 18th 2022: The True Cost of Ransomware - Evaluating Risk and How to Avoid Attacks    #cybereason #威胁情报 In just the last 24 months, three quarters of organizations have been targeted by at least one ransomware attack. Nearly half of them paid out to avoid lost revenue, while 41% paid to expedite recovery.

2022-09-29 22:45   Cloud Authentication: A Guide to Choosing the Right Solution    #cybereason #威胁情报 Authentication is one of the main elements of a cloud application, as it provides the ability to control access to your application. There are many out-of-the-box solutions available, and it's only natural to consider using one of them rather than reinventing the wheel.

2022-09-29 18:00   Webinar October 13th 2022: Ten Considerations for More Efficient Security    #cybereason #威胁情报 Security teams are overwhelmed and understaffed, making the quest for more efficient security operations more urgent than ever. The staffing shortage, alert fatigue, and the amount of manual processes involved in investigating threats hinder security teams and solutions to Infosec inefficienci

2022-09-28 22:52   Malicious Life Podcast: What It’s Like to Fight LulzSec    #cybereason #威胁情报 The name LulzSec is probably very familiar to listeners who were around in 2011 when this hacking group was at the peak of its nefarious activity. As their name implies, LulzSec was known for trolling their victims:, and while their childish behavior might have fooled some people into thinking

2022-09-27 22:44   White Paper: Operation-Centric Security - Leveraging Indicators of Behavior for Early Detection    #cybereason #威胁情报 Today’s security model produces an endless stream of uncorrelated alerts for individual events on the network. The majority of these alerts are either false positives that need to be disqualified, or are simply glimpses of a larger attack sequence that will require an analyst to manually triag

2022-09-27 22:43   Defending Against Supply Chain and Ransomware Attacks    #cybereason #威胁情报 “The level of damage associated with ransomware-based supply chain attacks has never been higher,” warned a recent article. These attacks are so disruptive because, as one consultancy firm revealed, the average company has 3,000 suppliers per $1 billion US in spend. That means when it comes to

2022-09-27 04:21   Cybereason Announces Private Infrastructure Protection Version 21.2    #cybereason #威胁情报 Cybereason recently released a new version of Private Infrastructure Protection version 21.2, which includes improvements to security hardening and existing features, as well as several new features.

2022-09-22 20:30   Next Generation Antivirus Prevention Redefined    #cybereason #威胁情报 Traditional antivirus tools from legacy vendors often spot the easy stuff but struggle to prevent novel threats from causing damage. That is why Cybereason is announcing its latest prevention technologies to identify and stop threats, from the simplest ones to those never before seen.

2022-09-21 22:17   How XDR Reduces the Total Cost of Security Operations    #cybereason #威胁情报 Ransomware is on the loose, with an attack occurring every 11 seconds on average and causing one in three affected organizations to shell out anywhere from $350,000 and $1.4 million. As ransomware gets both more accessible (RaaS) and increasingly sophisticated (RansomOps), security requirement

2022-09-21 22:09   Webinar October 26th 2022: NGAV Redefined    #cybereason #威胁情报 In this webinar we will hear from our Chief Technology Officer and co-founder, Yonatan Striem-Amit about how threats are changing, and what Cybereason is doing to put our customers one step ahead of attackers.