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2022-12-14 01:30   Malicious Life Podcast: Thamar Reservoir    #cybereason #威胁情报 Thamar Gindin is an Israeli scholar whose research focuses on the Persian language. For the past seven years (at least) Thamar has been a target for an endless stream of spear-phishing attempts by the Iranian regime, trying to take over her email account and lure her away from her country

2022-12-12 19:00   Ransomware: Which Industries Are Most Likely to Pay    #cybereason #威胁情报 A recent study by Cybereason, Ransomware: The True Cost to Business 2022, revealed that 73% of respondents had experienced a ransomware attack in the last 24 months. Of those respondents, 28% said their organizations paid the ransom. A separate survey of cybersecurity leaders conducted by WSJ

2022-12-07 20:00   What Healthcare CISOs Can Do Differently to Fight Ransomware    #cybereason #威胁情报 Ransomware attacks cost the healthcare industry over $20 billion in 2020 and show no sign of slowing down. “The current outlook is terrible,” says Israel Barak, CISO of Cybereason. “We are seeing the industry experience an extremely sharp increase in both the quantity and level of sophisticati

2022-12-07 03:48   The Problem With Kernel-Mode Anti-Cheat Software [ML B-Side]    #cybereason #威胁情报 Nobody likes cheaters, especially in video games: we play games to have fun, and nothing hurts the joy of playing a good game more than losing to a cheater. That is why EA is not the only publisher to implement kernel-mode anti-cheat software in their games: League of Legends and Valorant, for

2022-12-05 14:00   Threat Analysis: MSI - Masquerading as a Software Installer    #cybereason #威胁情报 The Cybereason Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) issues a Purple Team Series of its Threat Analysis reports to provide a technical overview of the technologies and techniques threat actors use to compromise victims’ machines. 

2022-12-02 21:00   FBI, CISA Issue Warning on Cuba Ransomware    #cybereason #威胁情报 The FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued a joint advisory Thursday on indicators of compromise associated with Cuba ransomware actors. The advisory is the latest in the government’s #StopRansomware campaign.

2022-12-01 19:00   Nine Cybersecurity Predictions for 2023    #cybereason #威胁情报 In 2022, ransomware continued to reign king and became one of the most common and dangerous threats facing healthcare organizations and software supply chains. The war on Ukraine created heightened concern over zero-day threats wreaking havoc for organizations worldwide. The cyber gang Conti w

2022-11-30 00:09   Malicious Life Podcast: How to NOT Build a Cybersecurity Startup    #cybereason #威胁情报 When it was founded in 2011, Norse Corp.—which described itself as "the world's largest dedicated threat intelligence network"—had everything a promising startup could wish for: a charismatic and experienced founder, a rare and valuable technology, and few tens of millions of dollars from inve

2022-11-28 22:37   Malicious Life Podcast: Jailbreaking Tractors    #cybereason #威胁情报 John Deere, an American agricultural machinery manufacturer, has recently enraged many farmers and digital rights activists due to the restrictive fixing policy of its tractors. Now, an Australian white hat hacker named Sick Codes has demonstrated not only how he was able to jailbreak the comp

2022-11-25 21:00   The Russian Business Network    #cybereason #威胁情报 In 2006 the Russian Business Network pivoted its business: the once legitimate ISP became a ‘bullet-proof’ hosting service, catering to the needs of cybercriminals. It quickly became the largest player in the Russian cybercrime landscape, with ~60% of all cybercrime activity related to Russia

2022-11-24 21:00   What Can Chess Grandmasters Teach Us About Cyber    #cybereason #威胁情报 Sports is not something that you usually hear mentioned when people talk about cybersecurity – but Chris Cochran and Ron Eddings, co-founders of Hacker Valley Media, believe that cyber professionals can take inspiration from MMA wrestlers and Chess Grandchampions to get to their own version of

2022-11-23 13:01   THREAT ALERT: Aggressive Qakbot Campaign and the Black Basta Ransomware Group Targeting U.S. Companies    #cybereason #威胁情报 The Cybereason Global SOC (GSOC) team is investigating Qakbot infections observed in customer environments related to a potentially widespread ransomware campaign run by Black Basta. The campaign is primarily targeting U.S.-based companies. 

2022-11-22 19:00   Malicious Life Podcast: What Would Happen If CBS Got Hacked?    #cybereason #威胁情报 Media companies probably get hacked no more than other, non-media oriented organizations such as hospitals, banks, etc. But these hacks are often more visible and more memorable because… well, media companies are more public facing by their very nature. How can these organizations be hacked, a

2022-11-19 01:00   Malicious Life Podcast: LabMD vs. The FTC    #cybereason #威胁情报 One day in 2008, Michael Daugherty - CEO and owner of LabMD, a cancer detection lab - got a call from an executive of TiVera, a cybersecurity company. The caller said that a file containing private medical data of some 9000 of LabMD's patients has been discovered online. When Michael refused t

2022-11-16 19:00   Holiday, Weekend Ransomware Attacks Continue to Hit Companies Hard    #cybereason #威胁情报 As the holidays approach, security leaders wanting to give their teams some much deserved extra time off may get caught in a bind. After all, ransomware actors love to wreak havoc when organizations’ human defenses are trying to sleep in heavenly peace.